How do we learn?

Playing helps children to learn about about how the world works, to use their creativity to invent new uses for toys, to create their own stories, and to experiment and make their own discoveries. With our project-based learning methodology, children are at the center of the learning process, and games and a vast array of experiences within their environment take place every day. See more

Unique beings!

Educating children with love, to enhance their abilities and empower them as leaders capable of transforming society. That is our purpose at Newport School!

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  • Beginners - 1 year
  • Explorers - 2 years
  • Prekinder - 3 years
  • Kinder - 4 years
  • Transition - 5 years
Children with preschool didactic games

Active learning with meaningful experiences

Young students generate their own knowledge while meeting challenges that help drive their iniative and creativity.

 Children running in preschool Colegio La Arboleda

Bilingualism for a multicultural world

At Newport School, children are immersed in a bilingual environment. They learn English naturally; exactly as they learned their own native language.

 Children in the natural environment of the preschool of Colegio La Arboleda

Games as learning tools

At Newport School, children learn by exploring and discovering through experience, and games are a key tool in driving this learning process.

Project Based Learning


Uses our international IEYC curriculum

We aim to motivate students to learn through concrete experiences that help them to find out about the world and make the decisions that will guide their futures. With our international curriculum, your child will not only learn, but also develop the skills and abilities to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Preschool girl from Floridablanca campus, reading a story
 Preschool girl walking with her school bag, down a corridor of the Floridablanca campus


Strengthening children's development in every dimension

We strengthen the dimensions of development that affect and directly complement the growth and development of preschool students. These include the communicative, cognitive, corporal, ethical, social and affective, and esthetic. Nurturing each of these factors is decisive for children's development, interaction, and participation in their social and cultural surroundings.

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