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We know that choosing a school for your children is an important decision. That's why we invite you to see our campuses, classrooms, pedagogical focus, and services; and see for yourself what makes us a unique school for your children.

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Our preschool level starts at 12 months of age in grade "Beginners" and finishes in Transition. Information available for both the Cañaveral and Alarcón campuses.

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Elementary and high schoo

We offer the full elementary program from first to sixth grades. For 2021, our admissions are open to seventh grade, as well. Information available for both the Campestre and Alarcón campuses.

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En Newport School se fomenta un aprendizaje autónomo, competitivo y en equipo donde el alumno combina aprendizajes vinculados con sus intereses con otras propuestas basadas en aprendizajes creativos, de desarrollo personal y transferibles a la realidad.

Dos estudiantes de preescolar en los pasillos exteriores de la sede Floridablanca

Somos un colegio bilingüe, mixto, calendario A y centrada en el humano. Nuestro modelo de aprendizaje está basado en proyectos de aula, que motivan y relacionan al estudiante con situaciones reales, permitiéndoles adquirir competencias claves para desenvolverse en el siglo XXI. En Newport School nos caracterizamos por trabajar junto con las familias en formar seres únicos, íntegros, con valores y capaces de impactar positivamente la sociedad.

Steps for your admission

1. Book a tour

Before beginning the admissions process, we invite you to take a tour of the campus of your choice, where you'll see our pedagogical model in action. You can book a tour by filling out the form or by contacting us at [7] 618 5011.

2. Take a virtual tour

View the installations at any of our three campuses via a virtual tour.

3. Fill out the application form, and assemble the necessary documents

Once you decide to start the admission process with us, you'll need to pay for the admission tests and fill out the application form sent to your email. Once the form is filled out and the required documents are assembled, we can move on to the next step.

4. Payment and enrollment

If the admissions committee approves, we'll send you a receipt, which can be paid either at our online portal or by bank deposit. The official enrollment documents can be downloaded from our website and must be completed and delivered to the academic secretary.esta.

Admissions process paymen

To begin your admissions process, you must first pay the sum of $50.000, either at the school, by bank deposit, or by online payment.

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Speak with the principal

Book an online appointment with our principal, Tatiana Charry, who can answer all your questions about our innovative educational methodology.

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Frequent questions

1. What is the minimum age for admission?

At Newport School, our academic process begins at 12 months of age - once a child turns one - starting in the "Beginners" grade.  For children older than 12 months, we carry out an observational test and place your child in the grade that corresponds with their age, in accordance with the directives of the Ministry of Education.

2. How does bilingual education work at Newport School?

Our bilingual education aims to develop students' communication skills in both English and Spanish. Starting from the first year in Newport, we promote pedagogical strategies that allow for the introduction of English in games, arts, and psychomotor stimulation; building students' confidence in their second language. Starting from 4 years-old, we add English as a language of instruction and integrate it into classroom projects, so that students learn vocabulary naturally as a component of interesting topics.

3. Are all the classes in English?

We are a bilingual school with a British curriculum (Fieldwork Education), which is applied through our project-based learning (PBL) methodology. Thus, students take all classes in English except for Spanish, art, music, swimming, and sports. Starting in the 3rd grade of elementary school, Social Studies history topics are also taught in Spanish.

In addition to classes taught in English, students also have an "English Lab" each week, which creates a space for them to interact with our native-speaking teachers and polish their basic English skills.

4. What are our hours?

Newport School's preschool students start at 7:50 AM and finish at 2:00 PM. Beginners and Explorers end their day at 4:30 PM, and Prekinder, Kinder, and Transiition at 3:00 PM or 4:30 PM.

For elementary and high school, the schedule is 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM (normal academic day) or until 4:30 PM with extracurricular activities.

We also have a daycare slot available at no charge which extends to 5:30 PM for those students whose normal schedule ends at 4:30 PM.

5. How many students are assigned to each classroom?

Our elementary school classrooms are equipped for a maximum of 25 students, however, not all of our courses are fully occupied at all times. Nevertheless, as our admissions process is open all year and we receive a steady flow of applications, these openings may close at any time.

6. What teaching support is provided for younger children?

In all preschool grades, students are always accompanied by one licensed teacher and one preschool assistant. They are also supported by our interdisciplinary team, including nursing, psychology, phonoaudiology, physical therapy, nutrition, and occupational therapy professionals, who participate in those activities that require additional supervision.

7. What is our homework philosophy?

Our methodology allows us to develop a dynamic, research-based technique. We do not assign homework, as such, since we prefer to use a Home Learning process carried out twice per week; one day for Spanish, and another for Project. This system aims to include parents in the research of the topics that their children are learning in school.

Importantly, we ensure that students are not overloaded with homework so as to avoid negatively affecting the time they share with their families.

8. How do we guarantee that children are really learning?

Our school belongs to the Redcol network, which is recognized for its broad experience and quality in the education market. This guarantees that our processes are carried out at a high level of quality.

Additionally, our focus at Newport School is aimed at being a Human Center, a place where children learn to develop as well-rounded human beings with skills that are cognitive, athletic, artistic, musical, and above all, human; such as the ability to work well in teams.

9. Does the school provide meals?

Our educational plan includes nutrition as an important factor for the full development of our students. In order to guarantee that this goal is met, our monthly tuition includes a daily snack and lunch; providing students with age-appropriate nutrition. This service is provided by a team of nutrition professionals who work with us to support your child's needs.

10. Does the school offer extracurricular activities?

The school offers an array of extracurricular activities in the form of workshops that bring our students into contact with the arts, sports, and other disciplines that complement their studies.

11. Does the school offer a bus service?

Newport School offers a bus route for our students, which is available for full or half-day courses. The routes are distributed by sector, which ensures that travel times are kept to a minimum.

What kind of medical services are available at the school?

Each campus is staffed by its own nurse, with an area specially equipped for students' medical attention. Also, the school maintains medical insurance in case urgent medical care or hospital transportation is required.